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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 18, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> top stories we are following on this wednesday september 18th. friends of the victims in the naval shooting out of washington d-c speak out. we'll tell you what they had to say about that tragic day. >> a child is hurt after being hit by shattered glass. during a shoot -out near oakland's fruitvale neighborhood. details on that story next >> there has been an increase in robberies in berkeley. we will tell you who is at the target next. >> we are waking up to clear skies. take a look at satellite and radar. the temperatures are a little bit cooler this morning and we are waking up to mid to upper 50s. the temperatures are not going to be approaching the upper 80s. we will continue with this
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warm-up as we head into tomorrow. >> we are tracking an accident on the peninsula. two lanes are blocked from the desk-it is are ready adding delays in the northbound direction leading up towards the city. it has not had an impact on your southbound ride. >> developing news on the navy yard shooting in washington d-c. the navy says the gunman aaron alexis obtained a security clearance good for 10 years when he enlisted in the navy reserves in 2007. despite an apparent history of mental illness and several run-ins with the law -- alexis was also able to buy a remington 870 pump- action shotgun, which he used in monday's rampage. mean while families of the victims are doing their best to honor the memories of their loved ones killed in monday's rampage.
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>> firefighters are investigating what started as an overnight house fire in pacifica up. it happened that they the cord around to 40 5:00 a.m.. kron4 mike pelton has the latest. >> fire officials stated that they started about 2:00 a.m. and started somewhere in the basement. fire investigation stated as this is an electrical fire and it does not seem to be suspicious. there was a couple who was sleeping inside the home and they manage to get out safely. a
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short time later their smoke detectors went off. they tell me that they are glad that they had smoke detectors. the >> a child is recovering this morning after being hit by glass in a shooting in oakland. the incident happened yesterday after mill around 5:00 p.m. near oakland's fruit belt neighborhood. when police arrived they found a car with a back window shot out. they also sought a five-year old and a woman with minor injuries of some of fining the last. neighbors in the area said the shooting has been on edge. >> this is just total chaos.
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>> the shooting happened in the 1500 block of 27th ave. that is where police say the suspects fired several shots at each other, from two separate bills. >> there has been a dramatic increase since mark from robberies in berkeley. according to the berkeley police mid your kron report, those smart phones are enhance of pedestrians. there has been a 35% increase in pedestrian robberies. 221 cases in 2013, compared to 177 robberies and during the first half of 2012. berkeley police officer and jennifer coats says that the thieves are targeting folks that are walking down the street using their cell phone, something police do not
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recommend these days. >> the victims are people who are walking down the street and they're able to see what type of phone that you have. >> investigators say the robbery is mostly happened in heavily populated areas of the city like that-be bart station, downtown and around the cal campus. the police department's says that they have extra officers on the street and usually put them all during the times they have seen an increase in these type of robberies. >> the oakland a's have a little breathing room and the race for the a.l. west. that is a good thing because are breeding in the dugout has become a little difficult. that is because the team has been coping with sewage problems. last month players' reported that day had smells from the bath room. players also say that
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a good amount of water has to be cleared out of the area. back in june, a clogged pipes costa a backup and flooded botm floor of the ballpark. that said the seattle mariners and and the a's scrambling or around and atolls and heading for higher ground. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news. power ball seaver is in full swing and people are lining up to get a ticket. we will have a live report coming up. >> gas prices are soaring, and they have been for longer than you may guess. we now know th fate o >> we now know the fate of convicted serial killer joseph's naso. more on his sentencing coming up next.
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>> welcome back. convicted serial killer joseph us naso this the death penalty from marin county superior court jury. 79 year-old naso was convicted in august of murdering four women between 1977 and 1994. he dumped their bodies in different areas. it took the jury only a matter of hours to recommend that he be put to death. the district attorney says, that is because the evidence against him was so strong. >> they showed what he did,
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the verdict is a justified under the law. >>he was naso has not admitted to any of the crimes, the judge will have the final say. sentencing will be at the superior court in marin county on friday. >> in world news this morning. a former president clinton is weighing in on the agreement from syrria to run over turn over its chemical weapons. here is what the former president had to say in an exclusive cnn interview. >> the united states needs to stand strong against chemical weapons. you hear a lot of people say that this just gives more initiative and who cares how it came
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up. john kerry was asked about this. he stated that he wanted the problem to go away. putin set okay. >> along with president clinton, you and secretary general, ban kimoban ki-moon sas action in syrrian needs to come quickly. he says that while the agreement reached are russia and the u.s. is a positive move, it is time to make things happen. the international leader also says that u.n. weapons inspectors gave overwhelming an indisputable evidence that the nerve gas was used in the august 21st attack on a demopolis server. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news. bus only lanes
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>> welcome back. the time is 6:15 a.m.. the power ball winning ticket is still up for grabs. the jackpot is now up to $400 million. kron4 will tran joins us live with more. >> there are two chances, i will buy tickets for myself.
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you can see is $400 million and it is going to grow because people are coming in buying tickets. they just open about 20 minutes ago. you would need the money, of course with the gas prices rising and almost everyone that i spoke to stated that nevermind a couple of tickets. >> real quick, did you buy a ticket? >> i did. when did you buy your ticket? >> to that. would you continue working if you want? >> yes. >> that is a lie. >> the average person runs out of their money so you
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have to do some type of investments. i know it's family who won and seven years later the route of money. >> it is gone. >> do you pick you would really run out? >> yes, you will get bored eventually. >> we're making history on kron 4. this is the first person that i spoke to the stated that was still continue working. there are people coming in right now. we would try to find other people who would be truthful has said it will not continue working. >> his nose is a couple of inches longer. the >> >> and the guy as proof, money does run out. >> as you get ready for work
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let's take a look at weather. >> most people are going out to work this morning and it is clear outside. take a look at your temperatures. a vallejo are in the upper 40's. 52 degrees in daly city. it is a chilly start your wednesday morning but we will see sunshine and brighter skies for the afternoon. very minimum fog outside. this means that the temperatures will continue to war over the next couple of days. you to look for to the temperatures. it will be bright and sunny. take a look at mountain view, that will have a high of 77 degrees. we may see low 90s developer + for places like this bird. a downtown san francisco will have a high of 72 degrees. oakland will be checking in at 78
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degrees. your headline shows that warmer weather will continue for tomorrow and we do have big changes at to talk about for the weekend. >> the 7 day or around the bay shows friday and to saturday will be showers. as a right now it is looking like a 30 percent chance. we may see scattered showers for the san francisco bay. every one will notice a dip in the temperatures. on sunday, fall well all right. we will see pretty quiet whether in fact it will continue in the seasonal averages as was start next work with. >> we're tracking a couple of incidents. there is an accident at 1 01. the traffic is slowed from oyster or point. there was a report that possibly two lanes were blocked spread is light enough that it is not
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a bigger. there's also an accident on westbound 24. the sensors indicate very little if any delays because of the incidents. there is a stall reported out by 680, 24 interchange. >> your commute to the bay bridge, was gone, we're starting to see a buildup. first is still banned in the cash lanes and not in this bunching up in the center line. it is a good ride and we are incident free on the new eastern span of the bridge. the san mateo bridge does not have delays but the volume is building. >> we have officially hit 8000 consecutive days that the average price of gas will cost more than $3 a
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gallon. that statistic comes from aaa. the motor club says that the streak started on december 23rd, 2010 and they estimate that unless there is another recession, i guess prices may be here to stay. the $3 threshold started after hurricane katrina slab into the gulf, destroying oil breaks. on the bright side, while the average price has not dipped below $3, it also has not average above $4. >> taken a look at gas prices this morning. the national average right now is sitting at $3.51 a gallon. that is down 5¢ from a week ago. the state average right now sitting at $4.20. here in the bay area, in san francisco, they are seeing an average of $4.90. in oakland, they are matching the state averages
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$4.20. in the south bay, there seen an average of $4.40. >> but only lanes will be coming to san francisco's of van ness avenue in the near future. the sampras's go- appoint transportation agency board of directors approved the project that is estimated to cost $125 million. under this proposal, two lanes in both directions of that as between mission and lombard street will become dedicated bus lines. the project will be completed by spring 2018. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news. while crews are busy cleaning up a sewage mess at osceo. c. o the
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>> i fund and ipad will look
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afteri-phones and i-pads will look different after today. i o s seven apple's new mobile operating system, and that was introduced back in june is finally coming to the device is today. the update is free and should show up on your device as a software update. kron4 tech reporter gabe slate shows the highlights. >> we have a all new boys. you can also choose a male voice. siri is also getting a little smarter. you can say things like term on a
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bill to us. it will be one of their long awaited services. it offers but limited streaming music similar to pandora. >> the service will be free and users will be encouraged to buy funds that likphones thay like. >> if they even wipe the device entirely they will not be able to reactivate it. >> it will group your pictures based on location and time. it has a feature or you could see all your pitcher groups. you can just
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tap and find the folder that you are looking for. >> i o s seven will solve the problem of having to manually update your applications. >> no more, the alps or will automatically update your phone. >> this will be available beginning today. >> >> we'll be right back. we are watching wall street. we >> we'll be right back. we are watching wall street. we will have details se and registration please. >> we'll be right back. we are watching wall street. we will have details what's this? uhh, it's my geico insurance id card, sir. it's digital, uh, pretty cool right? maybe. you know why i pulled you over today?
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>> welcome back. opening bell on wall street. dow futures are up five points. we've seen them up 500
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points within the last week. the nasdaq is sitting at 13 and the s&p 500 is over the 700 mark. >> let's talk baseball. on the night of their eighth walk off win of the season that a's experienced the second sewage situation. joining us now is kron 4 mike pelton. >> they have been busy because of a another sewage issue. here is a picture of the cleanup that is taking place while the game is going on. apparently some of the players smoked the things coming and one player stated that it was a good amount of water that was taken now. the good news is that it did not slow down and they still won the game. but this is similar to another is to them back in june when a clogged pipes caused a flooding. this
6:31 am
incident was taken care of and as for last night's incident, there are reaching out to the a's to see what else could be done in the dugout. >> what does not state is the thought of another playoff run. >> until hours tuesday, they a's sold out the coliseum's lower to levels for the american league division series, then they begin selling tickets for the upper deck meeting, that the targets will come off if they a's reach the postseason. capacity would increase from 35,067 to
6:32 am
48,146. the tarps at the peak of mount davis would remain. the a's camp the upper deck part in last year's division series. >> they a's are counting down to a champagne celebration. some neat gray on the mound for the a'sonny grr the a's. top of the first mike trout solo home run to center off of gray. bottom of of the first brandon and loss ground it doubled to deep right off of the garrett. there are tight 1- 1. top of the mice, bases are loaded. josh donaldson
6:33 am
sent everyone home happy with his third walk off hit. they a's went 2-1. >> we're limited to the middle of this week and we are rewarded with clear skies. you are looking live at cathedral all. it is a sunny. upper 70's inside the bay. warmer weather for tomorrow and big changes for the weekend. i will talk about the rain chances coming up. >> there is an accident slowing traffic down on 11. they manage to cleared from the lanes but it is back all web to oyster point. thankfully, the problem on west 24 is not doing much to slow the ride down. there is
6:34 am
a disabled a big break in the san ramon valley area that is in the non commute section. then there is bad news for the bay bridge where there is at three car accident that has been reported. this is west of the islands. as we talk to kron4 jackies sissel about problems since the bridge was opened scahappenafter labor day. >> it seems that it has been a series of issues on the bay bridge. $6 billion-a- share one thought that we would see a huge selling but because of this accident the traffic is already starting to back up. you talked about the off ramp,
6:35 am
this land right here if you are coming into san francisco is on the far left. there is construction going on and it is almost like a hairpin turn. there are kate rails. it is very tough to navigate through this and let's face it, since this bridge has been opened this is a the traffic has become worse. the traffic is stopped on the stand and this is " to be a real nightmare. already, you concede traffic is basically stopped because of this accident. >> this hot spot is a developing at the bay bridge. we might be able to reposition this. >> there has been a dramatic increase in smart phone robberies in berkeley. according to berkeley
6:36 am
police admit your kron report, smart phones are in hands of pedestrians. there has been a 35% increase in robberies. 221 cases i2002013 in 2013 compared to 177 and 2012. berkeley police officer jennifer coats says the thieves are targeting people walking down the street using their cell phones. >> investigators say that the robberies mostly happened in heavily populated areas of the city. the police department says the day have extra officers on the street and usually it will put them all during the
6:37 am
times they have seen an increase in these type of robberies. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. we are watching wall street this morning. we will take a look at the early morning trading coming up. >> the latest on the amazing a's, the champagne could be coming out soon. details on that story coming up. >> the school year just started, but for some families, it is not too early to start planning for christmas. will have that story next. that headband looks ridiculous.
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westbound direction. it is passed the second suspension tower. you can see the traffic heading into the tunnel is starting to back up. >> the school year just started, but some families, it is not too early to start planning for christmas. karen suffern is set financially struggling single mother of fraternal twins and n.c. and recently asked her eight year-old to write down a list of things they would like from santa perry ed her son, ryan, wrote a letter to santa that started off normally asking for eight remote-control car and helicopter, but i do not
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cafes but the coffee chain says that guns are not welcome. as kron 4 news terisa estacio reports, the announcement is a result of frequent demonstrations were gun rights advocates have turned up at starbucks with firearms. >> the ceo of the company stated that this has made a lot of customers felt uncomfortable and that due to all these mass shootings- that's he holds that people understand that if people do show with their guns they still will be getting served. i am out down here at this san francisco location and i will talk to some people insure their vaults. >> let's head over to the
6:47 am
traffic center. there is it problem on the upper deck of the bay bridge. >> an accident westbound on the bay bridge is closer out towards the harrison street off ramp. look at what it has done to traffic. this is the view from the island looking westward. the entire western span is completely jammed up. so is the ride on the new eastern span. take a look at the back up at the toll plaza. it continues to grow as the metering lights have been slowed down to accommodate this. there are major problems already developing. >> also attracting other hot spots. we look first at the ride on 1 01 north bound into san francisco. we still have not managed to clear up the back up between oyster point. the accident
6:48 am
northbound that was blocking two lanes. >> we continue to track west 24 but is really not a problem despite the earlier occurring problem. looking after san mateo bridge commute westbound if you want to head into this the direction now would be a good time for you to do that. the conditions are great not only on the span but as you head south. >> let's go to the weather center with erica. >> we are waking up to clear skies for the most part. honestly that is just the extent of it. the temperatures are mostly in the '50s. mid 40's along the coastline. a little more
6:49 am
milder in oakland. 57 degrees currently in fremont. however, it is not as windy and they're very calm. i do want to bring down your highs today. it will be between 48 degrees cooler than yesterda to 8 degre >> my later on tonight we will keep cooler conditions. take a look at the temperatures by 8:00 p.m. it will be pretty mild and the temperatures will be at mid 60's. we will continue with this warm-up as we head into tomorrow and this is shaping up to be the warmest day of the week. we turned the corner and change things up for friday and saturday. we will increase the likelihood of grain.rain.
6:50 am
>> the time is 6:49 a.m.. new york city's on rainbow room will once again host a music great. the famous nightclub at rockefeller center will reopen to the public in the fall of 2014. the rainbow cone closed in 2009 due to a landlord tenant dispute. the club opened back in 1934 and over the years saw legendary performances. >> first lady michelle obama once food makers and media companies to spend less time advertising sweet and salty foods to kids and more time promoting healthier options. today, miss obama will be conveying
6:51 am
a white house summit on food marketing. the white house says that the goal is to get involved parties talking about how to help consumers make healthier food choices. the advocates say that companies are slowly making changes but more improvements are still needed. >> the university of new hampshire is taking an interest approach to try to curb students from gaining that dreaded freshman 15. the university printed outing hf dishes showing students what they help the plate of food should really look like. the idea is based on the government's my plate dietary guidelines. while some students have been seen filling up on fruits and vegetables, others reached for fried food. some also
6:52 am
ignored the plates all together. >> the giants are spending the week in new york. 3 games with the mets. followed by three with the yankees. we all love broadcaster kruk and kuip. but what we've missed was a jerry seinfeld and the broadcast booth. angel pagan big night lee's the giants over the mets a-5 perry ed >>8-5 >> . i have some really good
6:53 am
baseball pictures to show you. gary will be coming up to use a stick around. google, what is glossophobia? glossophobia, is the fear of public speaking.
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♪ ♪ the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself. ♪ ♪
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>> welcome back. we are tracking a hot spot on the bay bridge. an accident at the west end near san francisco is back in a traffic not only all the way across the west spam but also the east span. it is pushing the back up to the macarthur mayes. >> the time is 6:56 a.m..
6:57 am
fans of jackie chan can get to know him better. he is going to build a theme park. it is under development right now in beijing. he stated that when he was younger he wanted to buy one. now he wants to donate what he has. he is 59 years old and his action roles are starting to slow down. he stated that his theme park will have five various areas. you can get to know more about the chinese culture. he will also open up bay museum in chinatown. >> coming up in c a museum in c >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news. the sewage has backed up once again. will
6:58 am
have details on the playoff run. >> we are watching gas prices and how long the spike will be. >> will also have the latest on the weather and traffic coming up.
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kron 4 news at seven starts now. >>darya: good morning and the top stories we are following on this wednesday september 18th. we are seeing more cars on the bay bridge-- causing major back ups this morning. we'll have a live update. >>mark: it's a stinky situation at the oakland coliseum as sewage is posing more problems for oakland teams. >>james: friends of the victims in the naval shooting out of washington d-c speak out. we'll tell you what they had to say about that tragic day.


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